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If you are a church that does not have an active missions direction, has very low interest of giving to missions, or no mission support at all, we want to come alongside and assist in turning missions into a strength and focus of your church. Also…all expenses for speakers/missionaries are covered. Please email Lisa Nagle @ if you are interested in scheduling a service. Your church will receive:

  • A guest speaker to share about missions (inspirational).

  • A matching opportunity up to $600, if your church will take up an offering during that service. (These funds will go to support missionaries monthly through your church).

  • Immediate connection with two missionaries through video and a follow-up Sunday visit to your church. This is designed for your church to get to know the missionaries they support. 

  • A missions development coach (if desired) and resources for your future missions plan.

  • An opportunity for your church members to regularly support missions moving forward.

Michigan AGUSM Missionaries

Michigan AGUSM Missionary Associates

AGWM Global Workers

AGWM Missionary Associates
(typically appointed for 1 to 2 years)

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